4 Different Kinds of Manicure Spa Treatment

Your hands reveal much about you, including how well you care for yourself, your personality, and your sense of style. Getting a manicure spa treatment is a cosmetic and relaxation habit that may enhance your physical and emotional well-being and make you feel like a star. But what is a manicure spa treatment? And how is it different from a regular manicure?

What is a Manicure Spa Treatment?

Manicure Spa Treatment Covered in Flowers

Professional nail salons and spas provide a particular kind of nail therapy known as a spa manicure. It usually consists of the fundamental procedures of nail trimming and shape, filing, cuticle care, an exfoliating scrub, a hand and arm massage, and applying finishing products such as lotions and nail paints. A spa manicure differs from regular manicures because it offers the client relaxation advantages and nourishing treatments for the hands and nails.

How Does a Manicure Spa Treatment Differ from a Regular Manicure?

Because spa pedicures include extra services, including a hand bath, hand massage and exfoliation, hot towel rub, and paraffin wax dip, they take longer to complete than traditional pedicures. These extras might or might not be incorporated into the manicure, but they unquestionably add to the enjoyment.

The complete experience is prioritised over hand hygiene. If you’re interested in acrylic, dip, or shellac nails, discuss your options with the technician, as the base service often excludes them.

Types of Manicure Spa Treatment

When you consider the time you have, the level of pampering you desire, your budget, and whether you are getting your nails done for regular maintenance or a special occasion, it is pretty simple to pick between the various styles of manicures and pedicures. Here are the different types of manicure spa treatments where you’ll experience cuticle care and hand relaxation.

Petite Manicure

One of the most common manicure spa treatments people try is the petite manicure. Your nails are cared for with nail shaping, cuticle work, and buffing, followed by a professional polish and softening hand hydration.

Heavenly Hands Manicure

Another type of manicure spa treatment that is best for relaxation is the heavenly manicure. Sugar scrub exfoliates hands while nourishing body butter is rubbed on the skin, cuticle work is included, and the treatment is finished with a choice of Shellac polish.

Other Regular Manicure Treatments

Basic Manicure

The classic manicure you’re most familiar with is a primary or regular one. Your nails are clipped, sculpted, and buffed in this area. Cuticles are taken care of, and cuticle oil is administered. Usually, you’ll get a great, unwinding hand massage. Standard nail polish is then applied.

Gel Manicure

The first manufacturer of gel nail polish was called Shellac. Similar to polish but more rigid and more flexible, it is applied in the same manner. You still get to experience all of a standard manicure’s shaping and nail-care procedures, but Shellac gel is utilised in place of conventional polish. Under a specialised lamp, it is swiftly healed.

Getting an Expert Manicure Spa Treatment

Expert Manicure Treatment

A professional spa manicure often includes various services intended to pamper and enhance the condition of your nails. Before beginning treatments, the nails are typically filed and shaped; however, some salons may provide other services as part of a spa manicure. Your preference will determine whether you incorporate these into your professional service.

Cuticle treatments and hand massages with hot oil or lotion are two of the most popular treatments, albeit they differ depending on where you live. The typical method of cuticle treatment entails pushing back the eponychium (the skin that covers the nail plate and develops over it) and trimming away any nearby dead, dry skin. It may encourage new nail development and healthy growth in general. Likewise, giving your hands a hot oil or lotion massage can help you unwind and promote healthier-looking skin by increasing blood circulation in your hands and arms.

What are the Common Spa Manicure Steps?

For the best results, a spa manicure often involves numerous steps. To begin the relaxation procedure, your hands and nails are first immersed in warm water with a special moisturising hand wash. Your cuticles are then cared for by being pushed back or trimmed if necessary. Your nails will next be shaped and polished before a colour-enhancing coat of lacquer is applied. A clear topcoat is then sprayed for extra shine and protection. All these spa manicure steps are crucial to ensure that your manicure looks its best and lasts as long as possible.

What are the Benefits of Manicure Spa Treatment?

Spa manicures are marketed as having a substantial anti-stress effect and are suitable for general wellness. They can also relieve fatigue and pain brought on by overworked muscles and help a person feel more relaxed. They also offer a thorough moisturising treatment to keep hands looking young and healthy. They make nails more aesthetically pleasing by promoting healthier cuticles, more equal lengths, improved shape, and brilliant colour.

Things to Consider in Getting a Manicure Spa Treatment

While manicure spa treatment offers great relaxation that can benefit your well-being, there are also things you must look out for during the process. Excessive time spent in the water during a spa manicure carries some hazards that, if ignored, might result in bacterial infections of the skin or nails. Moreover, certain materials used in these services, such as lotions or oils, may cause allergic reactions in some persons, causing skin irritation or rashes. Another potential drawback is that many spa services are shockingly expensive compared to standard salon services, making them unaffordable for certain people who may otherwise benefit from them.

Experience Great Relaxation with Summer Elisabeth Day Spa

You can see that there needs to be a clear best or worst manicure, depending on your preferences and how you want things to be seen and felt. Even while getting a manicure at home, you should be able to take advantage of a professional nail technician’s skill.

Whatever one’s opinion on spa manicures, one thing is sure. When adequately performed by qualified specialists utilising high-quality ingredients, these treatments may unquestionably improve a person’s well-being.

At Summer Elisabeth Day Spa, we aim to help you relax and take a break from your daily hard work. Each of our treatments, including our manicure spa treatment, is specifically created for each visitor’s requirements and preferences. After consulting with you, our Day Spa Host can assist you in choosing the best type of manicure spa treatment. Call us right away!