Kids Birthday Parties / Spa

Welcome to our exclusive Day Spa Birthday Party for children under 15. We are delighted to offer a refined and memorable experience tailored for the young ones.

🌸 Spa Welcome: Upon arrival, guests will be immersed in a serene spa environment, beginning with a Pure Fiji Milk Foot Soak. This indulgent experience sets the tone for a day of relaxation.

🍰 High Tea Delight: Following the foot soak, guests will be treated to a sophisticated Kids High Tea. The menu features an assortment of sandwiches, macarons, scones, and cakes, providing a delectable culinary experience.

🍹 Refreshments: To complement the spa experience, each guest will receive a glass of Pink Lemonade, adding a touch of elegance to the celebration.

💆 Tailored Spa Treatments:
The highlight of the event is the selection of four spa treatments, where each child will have a designated therapist. Guests may choose between a Petit Facial, Petit Massage, Mini Manicure, or Mini Pedicure, allowing them to personalize their pampering experience.

🎁 Take-Home Party Bag:
As a token of appreciation, each guest will receive a Take-Home Party Bag. Inside, they will find a Vanity Bag with a Make-Up Mirror, serving as a cherished reminder of the luxurious spa celebration.

Throughout the two-hour event, a dedicated host will ensure that each child has a seamless and enjoyable experience. Our Day Spa Birthday Party promises an atmosphere of sophistication, relaxation, and indulgence.


In addition, guests will have the privilege of enjoying their spa treatments in a private room, providing a tranquil and exclusive space away from the main spa area for an even more intimate and personalized experience.