The Science Behind Massage Therapy: How It Works and Why It’s Effective

We have known for thousands of years that massage in Gold Coast “works”. Many research investigations and millions of testimonies have shown that massage treatment lessens pain. We have just begun to understand how and why massage therapy works. The medical community does not hold you in high regard if you don’t understand the “why” underlying your findings.

Back pain can be treated naturally when applying the right techniques for a relaxing back massage therapy, which can also help to relieve stress, promote relaxation, and improve general health. Also, it is employed in sports medicine and treating cancer patients’ discomfort. There is science underlying massage treatment and its uses, even though it is not a “medical” panacea.

Effective Techniques for a Relaxing Back Massage

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Your lower back might benefit from a wide variety of massages. Some relaxing back massages can be safely done at home, while a trained professional must carry others out.

  • Therapeutic massage. Any massage that concentrates on a specific part of your body to ease discomfort and agony is this sort.
  • Deep tissue massage. This kind of massage demands a professional. That’s because this method of massaging your body uses more force and penetrates deeper into the muscles and connective tissues.
  • Swedish massage. This type of massage is softer than deep tissue massage and has an emphasis on kneading and lengthy, circular movements in addition to tapping and vibration.
  • Sports massage. A sports massage is designed with athletes in mind. It’s utilised to help wounded athletes get back into the game or to prevent injuries.
  • Shiatsu massage. This type of rhythmic pressure on the body is a Japanese massage technique. The goal of this is to encourage the body to mend itself.

What is the Science of Massage Centuries Ago?

Science of Massage Centuries Ago

Massage was used to treat wounds, ease pain, and prevent and treat illnesses in India as early as 3000 BCE (or possibly earlier). It was regarded as a sacred healing system passed down to generations. According to the principles of Ayurveda (“life health” medicine), massage can help the body regain its physical and natural equilibrium to cure itself.

What is the Science of Massage Now?

Science of Massage Now

One Swedish (deep tissue) massage session can positively affect health. The hormone arginine vasopressin (AVP), which tightens blood vessels, raises blood pressure, and decreases urine excretion, is dramatically reduced by it. Moreover, it lowers stress hormone cortisol levels and increases lymphocyte levels, which are white blood cells that fight cancer.

How Does Massage in Gold Coast Work?

Woman having a Relaxed Massage

Massage can have both physical and emotional advantages since it causes the nervous system to relax in an uncontrollable but expected way. It counteracts the detrimental effects of stress by causing your heart and breathing rates to slow down, as well as your blood pressure and stress hormones. During a massage, pressure is applied to soft muscular tissue, promoting blood and lymph circulation and reducing Edema.

A relaxation massage is a terrific approach to enhancing wellness, relieving pain, and more for many of us. Consult your doctor and the massage therapist if you have a medical issue before getting a massage.

There are positive processes during a massage in Gold Coast. Although this procedure is wonderfully soothing, the body benefits from much more that happens during a massage. Rubbing and stretching soft tissues during a massage can help those with stiffness, soreness, or joint pain.

Because the skin has such a high concentration of nerve endings, touching might have psychological repercussions. Massage may be a wonderful neurological experience, but it can also be used to treat pain and have other therapeutic effects.

Calming Reaction

One of the main effects of massage therapy is the feeling of relaxation. This thoughtful and compassionate touch slows the breathing and heart rate. Your blood pressure and the hormones that make you stressed out decrease, and your muscles relax.

It can have significant psychological impacts since it promotes relaxation, which raises serotonin levels and elevates mood. Moreover, the hazards associated with stress can be reduced by this technique.

Increased Circulation

Blood and lymph circulation may be enhanced through massage therapy. It is a result of both the chemicals released during the relaxation response and the physical manipulation of the soft tissue.

Increased blood flow can aid in the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the muscle’s cells. As the body’s cellular health advances, tissues perform better. By eliminating waste and absorbing fluids, tissues that work more efficiently can lessen Edema and inflammation in soft tissue.

Tissue Relaxation

Full body massage therapy may be helpful if you have excruciating muscle contractions or spasms since it relaxes the muscles and relieves pressure on the nerves. The nerves nearby are frequently also constricted when muscles are.

Focusing on muscle relaxation enables the decompression of nerves. They can function more efficiently and receive the proper nutrients as a result. The organs and muscles operate better because of sound message transmission from the nerves to the brain.

Tendons, muscles, and ligaments become more relaxed when pressure is applied to the skin. The balance in both the superficial and deep tissue may be improved by this technique. Since they share a neurological connection with the nerves, muscles, and bones, organs may also gain from massage.

How Massage Therapy Affects Inflammation

Body Inflammation

Consider massage treatment as a drug-free alternative to taking ibuprofen to reduce inflammation. According to Canadian studies, massage therapy can also lessen inflammation by altering gene expression and encouraging the biogenesis of mitochondria, the “batteries” that power cells. It is especially true when recovering from injury to wounded muscle tissues. Those who suffer from chronic inflammatory diseases might also benefit.

How Massage Therapy Improves Immunological Function

Although massage therapy is not a conventional form of “medicine,” it can aid in the prevention of infection by enhancing the immune system. It boosts the body’s NK (natural killer) cells’ activity, which helps them fight disease. Patients who received massage therapy in a controlled study of HIV-positive individuals displayed improved immune function and increased white blood cells. In a different research, dopamine and serotonin, the neurotransmitters that will enhance mood, were elevated along with lymphocytes and NK cells in women with stage 1 and 2 breast cancer.

Include Massage in Your Wellness Program

If you are enrolled in a wellness program, it may include a healthy diet and regular exercise, but you may also want to have massage therapy, particularly if you experience stress. The six leading causes of death – heart disease, cancer, lung issues, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver, and suicide – are all correlated with stress. It stands to reason that reduced pressure will lead to improved health. By promoting a sense of relaxation and calm, massage therapy promotes health and wellness by reducing stress.

Get the Best Massage in Gold Coast

In the past, medical professionals considered massage treatment as something they didn’t necessarily recommend but didn’t actively prohibit. Most people thought massage therapy to be an indulgence or a luxury. But getting a relaxation massage gives you all the health and pamper benefits you needed. Experience the best massage in Gold Coast with Summer Elisabeth Day Spa today!

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