Body Treatments

Salt Glow Body Exfoliation

50 Mins $80

Full body exfoliation using our Salt Scrub with an application of our luxurious Body Butter. Leaving the skin soft, supple & moisture restored.

Hydrating Body Mask Wrap

80 Mins $150

Full body exfoliation to renew those tired old skin cells. Followed with an application of coconut oil, cocoa seed butter, vitamin E & papaya infused body mask then be cocooned in a warm wrap. Finishing with our Body Butter to leave the skin with the ultimate hydrating effect.

Detox and Purify Body Claw Wrap

80 mins $150

This body treatment is designed to detoxify & purify. Starting with a full body exfoliation to remove the dead skin cells. The clay body mask is enriched with kaolin, green tea powder, tea tree oil & bentonite. It is applied before being encapsulated in a wrap to encourage deep cleansing & detoxification. Application of our Body Butter will leave your skin feeling luxuriously soft, refreshed & rebalanced.

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